Galaxy Running Club

Galaxy Running Club is a running crew based in Bekasi, Jakarta – Indonesia and was formed by Andi and Audi in October 2013.

It all started from one’s thirst of running and the urge to search for a fellow runner. The Club was initially started by five people and consistently gathered every Saturday at Taman Galaxy, South Bekasi.

As time passed, the pack grew bigger and stronger. We’re proud to say that we now have a strong bond to be so-called family, hangout buddies, or partners.

In the beginning, we didn’t realise that the running club itself makes us become more human, there are a lot of positive vibes that come from the activity within the club. To encourage one another, to push our limit, to overcome every obstacle, therefore an idea comes up “Risk Taker” to be our root.

The crew’s philosophy is a simple but good one. Numbers don’t matter. The presence is what really matters. What is important is the positive motion that runs in society and the Galaxy Running Club is set out to make a difference and spread the good vibes.