Flying Girls Milano

Najla is the mastermind that created Flying Girls Milano in June 2018 in Milan, Italy.

We are a group of eight girls in love with running. We do track and field since we were young, so running is a part of our identity. Before we became a crew, some of us knew each other, some were training mates, but some of us didn’t know each other at all.

Our crew was founded by Najla with the aim to create a group of young girls in order to inspire other girls and show them how running could create happiness, enjoyment, satisfaction, and not just sweat. We are running with music, dancing, having fun with the other women: We want to achieve that sports and especially running will be seen as something important for all young girls in Milan, teaching them how it can be a form of aggregation.

The flyinggirls core team is made of eight girls: Najla, Francesca, Arianna, Sofia, Micol, Lorena, Greta and Fatima. But there are always more than 30 people running with us.

Depending on the weekday, we do speed training, long runs, interval sessions, strength workouts, yoga classes, gym trainings…