Emancipated Run Crew

Emancipated Run Crew – A Story of Friendship, Community, and the Power of Running

Creating an Inclusive Space

Emancipated Run Crew (ERC) was founded in August 2019 by Trojan and Dee & Jules in London. Trojan started a WhatsApp group to coordinate runs with a few friends, including Dee and Jules. They quickly realized that the races they attended lacked diversity, with few black and brown runners. So, they started running together and encouraged other runners of colour to join the group, creating a supportive and inclusive space for runners.

More Than Just a Running Crew

ERC is more than just a running crew. It’s a community that uplifts, empowers, and celebrates diversity. The crew hosts weekly runs across London, ranging from 5k to 10k, and welcomes runners of all abilities. They also organize special events, including the annual Black History Month Run, which celebrates black excellence and raises money for charity.

Running in London

Running in London is a unique experience. The city offers a variety of routes and terrains, from the bustling streets of Central London to the scenic paths of Hyde Park and the River Thames. One of the most popular routes is the Regent’s Canal towpath, which runs from Little Venice to Limehouse Basin and provides a peaceful escape from the busy streets.

Iconic Races in London

London is also home to some of the world’s most iconic races, including the London Marathon, which attracts thousands of runners from around the globe every year. Other notable races include the Royal Parks Half Marathon, the Hackney Half Marathon, and the Big Half. For those who prefer off-road running, there are several trail races, including the Richmond Park Trail Run and the Wimbledon Common Half Marathon.

Discovering London’s Hidden Gems

Running is not just about fitness; it’s also about exploring new places and meeting new people. ERC embodies this spirit by organizing group runs that take runners on tours of London’s hidden gems, including street art tours and historical landmarks. The crew also collaborates with other running crews in the city, creating a network of supportive and diverse communities.

Making a Positive Impact

ERC’s impact goes beyond running. The crew actively supports local charities and initiatives, including partnering with the Black Curriculum to provide workshops on black history to young people. They also organize litter picks during their runs, promoting environmental sustainability and community engagement.

Their story is a testament to the power of community and the transformative impact of running. The crew has created a space where runners of colour can feel seen, heard, and supported, and it has become a beacon of inclusivity and diversity in the running community.

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