Elephant Running Club

Experience the Thrill of Running with Elephant Running Club in Bandar Lampung

Are you passionate about running and looking for a crew to join? Look no further than Elephant Running Club, founded in March 2019 by Andi, Agung, Santi, and Aden in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia. Bandar Lampung is the capital and largest city of the Indonesian province of Lampung and is located on the southern tip of Sumatra.

Discover Bandar Lampung: A City of Modernity and Tradition

Aiming to motivate young people to adopt a healthy lifestyle through running, Elephant Running Club is a crew that empowers its members to celebrate life in all its glory. The crew meets three times a week, on Sundays at 6:00 am and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:00 pm, at the PKOR Sports Center. The sports centre is located in Elephant Park, a tourist attraction in the form of green open space located next to Gelael Shopping Center.

Elephant Running Club: A Crew that Empowers its Members to Celebrate Life

With Elephant Running Club, runners can experience a range of running activities, including long runs, intervals, race tracks, cross country, and trail runs. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting, you’ll find a pace that suits you, with the crew running at different paces, including 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 min/km.

Running with ERC: A Range of Activities for All Levels

Running in Bandar Lampung is an experience in itself. The city offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition, with diverse cultural and natural attractions. Runners can explore the city’s landmarks, such as the iconic Tugu Adipura MonumentLampung Provincial Museum, and Krakatau Monument. For those who enjoy nature, Bandar Lampung boasts a lush green landscape with hills, forests, and waterfalls.

Elephant Running Club – In A Nutshell

Elephant Running Club is a vibrant running crew in Bandar Lampung that offers an unforgettable experience for runners of all levels. With a focus on healthy living and community building, the crew is an excellent choice for anyone looking to join a welcoming and supportive running community. So, grab your running shoes, join the crew, and explore the beauty of Bandar Lampung and beyond!

Exploring Other Running Opportunities in the Region: Crosslinking with Other Running Crews

Moreover, Bandar Lampung is surrounded by other cities and regions that offer exciting opportunities for runners. For instance, the nearby city of Metro is known for its scenic beauty and is home to several running crews, such as Metro Runners and Pesagi Trail Runners. Crosslinking with other regional crews allows runners to expand their network and explore different running terrains.