Eastbound Run Crew (EBRC)

Eastbound Run Crew (EBRC) was founded in 2017 in Toronto by the four run buds Ray, Joshua, Nicole and Jamie,

We initially started as a few run buds coming together once a week because we loved the idea of not always running solo and there wasn’t an established store or group that we knew of right in our east end neighbourhood.

We Run On Beer!

When we were introduced to the awesome team at Eastbound Brewing Company, we knew we had found the perfect home! Our Monday nights are all about getting out with other fun loving runners – no matter your experience or pace – to kick off the week with a little exercise, good conversation, plenty of laughs and tasty beer to cap it all off!

EBRC is all about enjoying the social aspect of running. And never forgetting the EBRC motto – We Run On Beer!

We don’t have set groups but believe no one gets left behind so we always have someone to run at a super easy pace if/as needed.