DOSE Running

DOSE Running: Unleashing the Magic of Running and Community

In the vibrant city of Perth, a remarkable running crew known as DOSE Running has been transforming the lives of novice and recreational runners since its inception in September 2019. Led by Scarlett, a passionate and experienced running coach, DOSE Running provides an inviting and supportive space for runners to train like pros while fostering a tight-knit community. With a mission centred around mutual support, acceptance, and fun, DOSE Running is not just a running crew; it’s a catalyst for personal growth, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness. Join us as we embark on an inspiring journey through DOSE Running, where running becomes an adventure and magic is found.

Empowering Others through Compassionate Coaching

Scarlett stands out as a force to be reckoned with in the running. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise with a BSc in Preventative Health, specializing in Exercise and Sport Science. As a certified Pilates instructor, qualified running coach, and ultramarathon runner, she has an innate passion for the trails, community, nature, and the art of movement itself. But Scarlett’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Despite a brief stint of competing nationally, she faced the daunting obstacle of rheumatoid arthritis, which could have stifled her dreams. Yet, Scarlett overcame this adversity through sheer determination and resilience and emerged with a newfound perspective. Her journey has shaped her into a compassionate coach who understands the importance of empathy and support. Scarlett’s joy of helping others surpasses her love for running—a testament to her unwavering dedication. So, don’t hesitate to seek her guidance and experience the transformation yourself. With Scarlett’s unwavering support, you’re bound to exceed your expectations and discover the incredible power of the human spirit.

Discovering the Magic of Running with DOSE Running

Running is often seen as the best analogy for life. It teaches us resilience, builds confidence, and helps us manage discomfort and stress. For the members of DOSE Running, running is more than just a physical activity—it’s a gateway to personal transformation. Whether conquering a 5K, pushing beyond marathon distances, or embracing ultra-marathons, DOSE Running has helped runners achieve milestones they never thought possible. These transformative experiences are celebrated and shared, creating an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie within the crew.

Nurturing Happiness and Well-being

At DOSE Running, the crew wears their hearts on their sleeves. The name stands for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins—the feel-good hormones that naturally elevate our happiness and well-being. This crew believes in fostering these hormones through the power of community, movement, and nature. The runners of DOSE share a deep appreciation for the positive impact that running, community, and nature have on mental health and overall well-being. By embracing these elements, the confidence and momentum gained from running seamlessly transcend into all aspects of life, cultivating a ripple effect of positivity and personal growth.

DOSE Running – Embracing Variety and Adventure

DOSE Running goes beyond the ordinary, breaking free from the confines of predictable running routines. This crew thrives on variety and adventure, replacing mundane laps around an oval with thrilling explorations. From conquering secret trails and challenging hills to cruise along the captivating coastline, DOSE runners continuously seek out hidden green spaces within urban environments. Each run transcends lacing up and hitting the road—it becomes a holistic experience. Beginning with a comprehensive warm-up, DOSE ensures that every runner’s body is primed to meet the demands of the journey ahead. Run-specific drills, plyometrics, and pacing techniques are incorporated, equipping runners with the tools to find strength, ease, and unending enjoyment in their running journey.

Fostering Inclusivity and Connection

At DOSE Running, diversity and inclusivity thrive within the vibrant community. This crew serves as a meeting ground for open-minded, intelligent, and caring individuals who share a profound love for running. DOSE acts as a bridge, uniting people who may have never crossed paths otherwise and fostering connections that transcend geographical, cultural, and social boundaries. Within the supportive environment of DOSE Running, mutual encouragement and support flourish, motivating every individual to push beyond their limits. Everyone is welcomed with open arms, whether a seasoned runner or a novice, creating an atmosphere where individual growth is nurtured and celebrated.

Unleash Your Running Potential with Diverse Training Options

DOSE Running offers a range of training opportunities to suit every runner’s schedule and goals. Whether you’re an early riser or prefer a leisurely weekend run, DOSE Running has you covered. Every Sunday at 7:00 am, the crew gathers at various locations throughout Perth, bringing a new and exciting route to explore each week. But the commitment doesn’t stop there. On weekdays, lace up your shoes and join the crew at 6:00 am in some of Perth’s most picturesque locations. Mosman Park, Peppermint Grove, Claremont, City Beach, Wembley, Cottesloe, and Swanbourne—these stunning spots serve as the backdrop for invigorating runs that will inspire you. 

DOSE Running caters to runners of all paces and abilities. The “Learn & Return to Run” program welcomes everyone, regardless of pace, ensuring no speed is too slow. For those seeking a recreational run, the crew maintains a pace range of 4.30 minutes per kilometre to 6.45 minutes per kilometre—a perfect balance between pushing your limits and enjoying the journey. But that’s not all—DOSE Running offers specialized training sessions, including intervals, tempo runs, long runs, endurance training, and thrilling trail runs. With such diverse options, you can constantly challenge yourself and discover new dimensions of your running capabilities.

Join the Thriving DOSE Running Community

DOSE Running isn’t just a running crew—it’s a vibrant community with over 180 members and a commitment to inclusivity and support. The crew welcomes runners of all levels, ensuring that everyone has a place to thrive. As a member, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits, including a members-only introductory offer that sets the stage for an incredible running journey. For just $120 per month, you’ll gain access to a wealth of training opportunities and support to elevate your running experience.

The membership fees charged by DOSE Running go beyond covering the basics. They contribute to essential aspects such as council permit fees, insurance, and professional development. DOSE Running ensures that every member receives the highest quality training and coaching by investing in these areas. The crew’s primary goal is to help everyone, regardless of their background or experience, enjoy running, achieve their goals, and let the joy, confidence, and momentum they gain from running spill over into other areas of their lives.

DOSE Running was born out of a recognition that entry and recreational-level runners in Perth often faced intimidating experiences in traditional run clubs, with feelings of being left behind. That’s why DOSE Running was created—to provide a safe and supportive environment where runners receive the training and coaching they deserve, tailored to their needs. With DOSE Running, you’ll find quality training and compassionate coaching that will empower you to reach new heights and redefine what’s possible.

DOSE Running – In A Nutshell

DOSE Running is more than a running crew; it’s a community where individuals come together, support one another, and discover the transformative power of running. Led by Scarlett, a compassionate and experienced running coach, DOSE Running provides an inclusive space for runners of all levels to embrace their potential and achieve their goals. Through their shared love for movement, community, and nature, the DOSE Running members unlock the magic within each stride. So, lace up your running shoes, join DOSE Running, and let the journey begin—one exhilarating step at a time.

Running in Perth: Unleashing the Spirit of Adventure

Welcome to Perth, a city where running takes on a new dimension. Perth has become a runner’s paradise with its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and community that thrives on an active lifestyle. In this captivating city, where the sun-kissed beaches meet lush parks and urban trails, every stride is an opportunity to embrace the spirit of adventure. Join us as we dive into the running culture of Perth, exploring its iconic landmarks, scenic routes, and exhilarating running events that make this city a runner’s haven.

A City of Natural Splendor

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, boasts a unique blend of natural beauty and urban charm. Known for its pristine coastline, the city offers an array of stunning running routes that weave along sandy shores and overlook the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Begin your journey at Cottesloe Beach, where the soft sand and crashing waves set the perfect backdrop for an invigorating run. Follow the coast towards City Beach, where a picturesque jogging path awaits, leading you through tranquil parklands and mesmerizing ocean vistas.

Embracing Urban Trails

Perth’s running scene extends beyond the beaches, delving into the heart of the city’s urban landscape. Kings Park, a sprawling green oasis perched on Mount Eliza, offers an extensive network of trails that wind through native bushland and showcase panoramic city skyline views. As you conquer the undulating paths, you’ll discover hidden gems like the Lotterywest Federation Walkway, where elevated walkways immerse you in the treetops, creating a surreal running experience.

For those seeking a unique blend of nature and history, the Swan River Foreshore Path is a must-visit. Stretching along the banks of the majestic Swan River, this scenic route guides runners past iconic landmarks such as Elizabeth Quay and the Bell Tower. Take in the city’s architectural wonders while feeling the rhythm of your feet pounding on the pavement.

Unleashing the Runner’s Spirit

Perth is a city that celebrates the runner’s spirit with many exciting events throughout the year. One standout race is the Perth Running Festival, a vibrant event that draws participants worldwide. From the adrenaline-pumping marathon to the family-friendly fun run, the festival offers something for everyone, encouraging inclusivity and camaraderie among runners of all levels. Lace up your shoes, feel the crowd’s energy and soak in the electric atmosphere as you conquer the streets of Perth.

If trail running is more your style, the Margaret River Ultramarathon presents an epic challenge for solo runners and teams. This awe-inspiring race takes participants on an 80-kilometre journey through the scenic Margaret River