DNA Running Crew: Uniting Berlin’s Runners with Dedication and Attitude

Berlin, the vibrant German capital, is not only known for its rich history and bustling arts scene but also for its dynamic running culture. Among the myriad running crews that dot the city’s landscape, one stands out for its unique qualities and the tight-knit community it has fostered: DNA Running Crew. Founded in November 2022 by Seb, DNA has quickly become a force to reckon with in the Berlin running community, embodying the spirit of dedication and attitude. Let’s dive into the inspiring journey of this remarkable crew and explore how they’ve created a global family of runners in the heart of Kreuzkölln.

The Birth of DNA: Dedication and Attitude

The DNA Running Crew’s story began in Spring 2022 when a group of individual runners joined the Berlin Braves for training sessions. Over six months of shared sweat and miles, friendships blossomed, and a sense of togetherness grew amongst the rookies. When Seb, affectionately known as Captain Bubbles, decided to step down as the captain of the Berlin Braves, something remarkable happened. Instead of going their separate ways, this international bunch of runners continued training under Captain Bubbles’ guidance and embarked on a new journey together. DNA was born and built on the pillars of dedication and attitude.

The name DNA itself is a homage to Max Papin’s training program, created in NYC in 2014 and embraced by the Paris Running Club. Max’s dedication and attitude served as a wellspring of inspiration for countless runners, including Seb, the founder and captain of DNA. The crew believes that these qualities should be the bedrock of the running community, and they’re determined to give back to their neighbourhood of Kreuzkölln and to Berlin as a whole. They stand for togetherness, diversity, authenticity, respect, gratitude, honesty, and empathy.

One Big, Diverse Family

What sets DNA apart from the rest is its international flair. With more than 18 nationalities represented within the crew, DNA proudly wears the badge of being one of Berlin’s most diverse running crews. They believe in building bridges, not walls, and aim to erase boundaries, just like the city they call home. Berlin, a multicultural German metropolis, is a melting pot of cultures, and DNA reflects this beautifully in its diverse membership.

But DNA doesn’t just want to be an isolated entity. They are open-armed, welcoming all running crews who share their values to run together and train side by side. Their vision is to create a Berlin-running community as multicultural and inclusive as the city. It’s not just about running; it’s about building a community that fosters mutual respect, acceptance, and fun.

DNA’s Weekly Run: A Run for All

Every Tuesday at 6:45 pm, the banks of the Maybachufer come alive with the energy of DNA Running Crew. Whether you’re a seasoned marathon runner or just starting your fitness journey, DNA welcomes you with open arms. Their weekly run spans from 5 kilometres to marathon length, catering to runners of all levels. The emphasis is not just on the run but on the shared experience and camaraderie that comes with it.

What makes DNA even more remarkable is that they have no membership fees. Their goal is to make running and the sense of community accessible to everyone. They believe that running should be inclusive, and this philosophy has propelled them to become one of Berlin’s most beloved running crews.

DNA – In A Nutshell

Berlin’s running scene is not just about the locals. It’s a melting pot of nationalities, and the DNA Running Crew epitomizes this diversity. With more than 18 nationalities represented, they believe in breaking boundaries and creating connections. It’s a reflection of Berlin itself, a multicultural city that thrives on acceptance and unity.

So, whether you’re an experienced marathoner, a casual jogger, or someone just looking to embrace the spirit of Berlin, there’s a running route, event, or crew waiting to welcome you with open arms. Berlin isn’t just a city; it’s a runner’s paradise that celebrates the themes of mutuality, acceptance, and fun. Join the DNA Running Crew or hit the city’s scenic trails – either way, you’ll be a part of a vibrant global running community as diverse and dynamic as Berlin. Berlin’s heartbeat is in every stride, so come and be a part of it!

Pounding Pavements and Embracing the Spirit of Berlin: A Runner’s Guide to the German Capital

Berlin, the city where history and modernity collide, is a haven for art, culture, and techno beats and a paradise for runners. This dynamic metropolis boasts a running culture like no other, and at its heart beats the DNA Running Crew – a community of runners who embody the city’s spirit and its dedication to inclusivity, acceptance, and fun. Lace-up your running shoes and join us as we explore the vibrant running scene in Berlin, uncovering scenic routes, iconic landmarks, and exciting running events that make this city a runner’s dream.

Running Routes in the Heart of Berlin

For those looking to soak in the city’s bustling energy while getting their daily dose of exercise, look no further than the iconic Tiergarten. Located in the heart of Berlin, this vast urban park offers many winding paths and tree-lined avenues that make for a runner’s paradise. As you jog along the Landwehr Canal or pass the Victory Column, you’ll experience the perfect blend of nature and urban vibes.

Another must-visit for runners is the Berlin Wall Trail. This historical route traces the path of the former Berlin Wall, providing a unique opportunity to run through history. It’s a powerful reminder of the city’s past while celebrating the unity and acceptance that now defines Berlin.

Exploring the City’s Scenic Trails

If you’re craving a more natural escape within the city limits, head to Grunewald Forest. This vast woodland offers an extensive trail network that caters to runners of all levels. Whether you’re seeking a challenging uphill climb or a leisurely jog along the banks of Lake Grunewald, you’ll find it here.

For a change of scenery, take a trip to Treptower Park, where the riverside trails along the Spree River offer stunning city skyline views. It’s the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a sunset run.

Running the Berlin Bridges

One of the most exhilarating experiences for runners in Berlin is crossing its numerous bridges. The city is built around a network of rivers and canals, and each bridge offers a unique perspective. Consider running across the Oberbaum Bridge, which connects the vibrant neighbourhoods of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. Its distinctive red-brick towers make it a standout feature of the cityscape.

The Wider Running Community in Berlin

While DNA Running Crew is undeniably unique, it’s not the only crew making waves in Berlin’s thriving running scene. The city has many other crews, each with a unique flavour and style. Berlin’s running culture is as diverse as the city itself, and DNA Running Crew is a shining example of the dedication, attitude, and inclusivity that defines this community. As they continue to grow, they aim to spread their message of unity and fun, making Berlin’s running scene a true reflection of the multicultural gem it is. So, whether you’re a Berliner or just passing through, lace up your running shoes and join DNA for a run you won’t forget – because in this crew, everyone is family.


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