Dash Running Squad

Running Beyond Limits: The Epic Journey of Dash Running Squad

In the bustling heart of Mexico City, a revolution in the running scene is taking place, led by the indomitable spirit of Dash Running Squad. What started as a modest training group has transformed into a vibrant community of over 50 passionate runners, all united by the vision and determination of their founder, Sergio. In February 2019, Sergio’s journey began when a few friends sought his expertise in running training. Little did he know, this humble endeavor would soon evolve into something far greater – a tightly-knit crew that thrives on the values of mutuality, acceptance, and sheer love for the sport.

More Than Just a Team

Dash Running Squad might have started as a team, but it swiftly metamorphosed into a family. “We founded Dash with the idea of uniting those who were solo runners, giving them a sense of belonging they had never experienced before,” says Sergio. “And that idea of a ‘team’ was fine, but what truly happened was that Dash became our family.” This transformation is no surprise, considering the remarkable diversity that characterizes Dash. From novices stepping into their first running shoes to seasoned marathoners, Dash encompasses a kaleidoscope of abilities and backgrounds. It’s not about personal records; it’s about embracing the journey, hand in hand.

Dash Running Squad – Strength in Unity

Dash Running Squad is a testament to the power of shared passion. The crew is a tapestry woven from threads of different ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience. What binds them together is an unwavering love for running and an unshakable bond. As Luis, one of the crew captains, puts it, “We’re all distinct individuals, but our shared zeal for running transcends those differences. It’s what makes us stronger, both as runners and as a family.” It’s this dynamic blend of diversity that fuels the crew’s spirit, turning them into a force to be reckoned with on the city’s streets.

While Mexico City’s running scene is undeniably vibrant, it also extends its arms to the global community. Dash Running Squad embodies this spirit of inclusivity, welcoming runners from all walks of life, nationalities, and backgrounds. The crew’s diverse membership reflects the city’s multicultural fabric, fostering an environment where mutual support and acceptance reign supreme.

Running for the Love of It

Dash Running Squad’s philosophy is simple yet profound: they run because they love it. Every footfall on the pavement is a testament to their dedication to a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. Whether it’s the crack of dawn or the warmth of a weekend sunrise, Dash is out there, pounding the pavement with enthusiasm. The crew’s commitment to running isn’t bound by rigid levels or stringent goals. It’s about personal growth, camaraderie, and the exhilaration of pushing one’s limits together.

With a schedule that reads like a map of the city’s iconic landmarks, Dash Running Squad embraces the urban landscape as their playground. Whether it’s the pre-dawn tranquility of Torre Virreyes on a Wednesday, the invigorating vibes of Pista Villa Olímpica on a Thursday morning, or the weekend rendezvous that kicks off at 7:00 am, Dash has claimed the streets as their domain. It’s not just about the run; it’s about embracing the city’s energy and infusing it with their own brand of exuberance.

Dash Running Squad – In A Nutshell

In a world that often emphasizes competition, Dash Running Squad stands tall as a shining example of how sport can foster connections that transcend boundaries. They’re not just a crew; they’re a family that supports, uplifts, and celebrates one another’s victories – both on and off the track. So, whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a curious beginner, Dash Running Squad is ready to welcome you into their fold, where the only requirement is a love for running and a willingness to embrace the journey together. So, lace up your sneakers and join the revolution – the streets of Mexico City are waiting, and Dash Running Squad is leading the way.

As the sun rises over Mexico City, Dash Running Squad takes to the streets with a shared goal: to conquer challenges, embrace diversity, and celebrate the joy of running. Whether they’re pounding the pavement along the iconic Reforma Avenue, finding solace in Chapultepec Park’s verdant trails, or participating in the exhilarating Mexico City Marathon, Dash runners embody the city’s vibrant spirit. Their journey is a testament to the power of unity and the boundless potential of a collective dream.

With every stride, Dash Running Squad proves that running isn’t just about the miles covered, but the connections forged along the way. As they explore Mexico City’s streets, they also explore their own limits, transcending physical boundaries and reaching for new horizons. So, whether you’re a local runner or a traveler seeking to experience the city in a unique way, join Dash Running Squad and become a part of this global running family. The city’s heartbeat awaits, ready to synchronize with the rhythm of your footsteps.

Pounding Pavements and Exploring Dreams: Running Through the Heart of Mexico City

In the sprawling metropolis of Mexico City, where the rhythm of life beats fast and vibrant, a community of runners has carved out their own unique path. Amidst the bustling streets and iconic landmarks, Dash Running Squad has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, weaving their passion for running into the very fabric of the city’s dynamic culture. With each step they take, Dash runners not only explore the city’s diverse neighborhoods but also forge connections that transcend borders.

Running through Mexico City is an exhilarating experience that offers a glimpse into the city’s rich history and captivating present. From the bustling Zócalo, where centuries of Mexican history converge, to the tree-lined paths of Chapultepec Park, the city’s landmarks serve as both inspiration and motivation for Dash runners. The wide boulevards and cobblestone streets offer a diverse terrain, making every run an adventure.

Nestled within the heart of Mexico City, Chapultepec Park is a runner’s paradise that beckons with its lush greenery and tranquil ambiance. Spanning over 1,600 acres, this expansive urban oasis boasts a network of scenic trails that wind through forests, gardens, and around the serene Chapultepec Lake. The park’s pathways are a haven for runners seeking a respite from the urban hustle, and Dash Running Squad frequently takes advantage of this natural haven to train, bond, and recharge.

Beyond its enchanting parks, Mexico City offers an array of running routes that cater to every level of runner. The Reforma Avenue, a wide and iconic thoroughfare, transforms into a runner’s haven every Sunday during the “Paseo Dominical,” when it’s closed to vehicular traffic. This event provides an opportunity for Dash runners and other enthusiasts to take over the avenue, connecting with fellow runners and soaking in the city’s vibrant energy.

Racing towards Dreams: Noteworthy Running Events

Mexico City’s running culture comes alive through its diverse array of racing events that unite athletes and enthusiasts from around the world. The Mexico City Marathon, a prestigious race that winds through historic neighborhoods and modern avenues, stands as a testament to the city’s dedication to running. Runners from Dash and beyond lace up their shoes to conquer the 26.2-mile course, cheered on by the spirited crowds that line the route.

A City of Running Crews

While Dash Running Squad might be the heart and soul of the running scene, it’s far from the only crew pounding the pavement in Mexico City. The city’s vibrant running culture is a melting pot of crews, each with its own unique flair. Mexico City’s streets are alive with the rhythm of pounding feet and the spirit of community. Dash might be the crew that stole our hearts, but they’re just one star in a constellation of running crews that collectively illuminate the city’s love affair with running.

In the heart of Mexico City, a vibrant running community known as Tempo Running Crew has blossomed, inspiring individuals to embrace their love for running. Established by Samaria, Eric, and Josue in 2020, this crew originated as a close circle of friends brought together by their shared enthusiasm. Samaria, the crew’s pro pacer, Eric, a seasoned sports expert, and Josue, the charismatic leader, have fostered a sense of belonging among more than 90 members. Echoing the city’s spirit, Tempo’s routes encompass the iconic Paseo de la Reforma, tranquil Ciudad Universitaria, and picturesque Cuemanco. Tempo’s training sessions celebrate diversity, catering to a wide range of paces, from rapid 3-minute and 40-second kilometers to a leisurely 7-minute stride. With invigorating interval workouts, scenic trail explorations, and empowering long runs, Tempo Running Crew encapsulates the sheer exhilaration and camaraderie of running.

Running is a universal voyage that traverses cultures, unites minds, and uncovers the world. Mexico City’s running haven, blessed with diverse landscapes and an inviting climate, draws running enthusiasts near and far, and within this dynamic realm, Umbali Mexico Running Crew unfurls its vibrant narrative. Conceived in Costa Rica by Adrian Romero and Sebastian Castro in 2014, this crew’s journey from humble beginnings to a robust community of 150 runners embodies the spirit of “Umbali,” a Swahili term denoting distance. Steered by RRCA-certified coaches Fernanda and her father, the crew spans geographical boundaries, offering a warm embrace to runners of all cadences.

Running, an age-old practice, transcends its physical nature to become a conduit for unity, a shared passion, and a community builder. Amidst the vibrant pulse of Mexico City, The Gang Running Club emerges as a testament to this transformative essence. Conceived in July 2021, by the visionary Jair and buoyed by the guidance of captains Diego and Vania, this crew galvanizes recreational runners into a vibrant community, sharing the elation of running while cultivating connections and personal growth. Running, as an act, shatters the boundaries of language and culture, serving as a universal bridge. The Gang Running Club exemplifies this principle, weaving a tapestry of inclusivity and camaraderie that extends beyond the running track. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the crew converges for invigorating track sessions, pushing one another to elevate their speed and endurance. Wednesdays provide an opportunity to immerse themselves in the tranquil trails of Chapultepec Forest’s 2nd Section, where nature and running become intertwined. Thursdays mark the Friends & Family run, a relaxed affair capped by shared enjoyment of tacos and laughter.

For runners in Mexico City, camaraderie and exploration are within reach through the Kudos Run Crew. Founded in April 2020 by Joselo, Elias, and Majo, this crew is dedicated to nurturing the running culture on the city’s western side. Their aspiration is both profound and simple: to ignite a love for running in individuals of every stripe and fitness level. The Kudos Run Crew is a symbol of inclusivity, extending a warm welcome to runners regardless of their experience, weight, or background. From leisurely 5-30k runs to invigorating tempo runs, track intervals, and extensive long runs spanning 12 to 60k, they offer a range of options for every runner. Meet the crew at Paseo Arcos Bosques, a serene park that serves as a tranquil starting point for your morning run. Enveloped by trees, the park provides an ideal setting to limber up, connect with fellow runners, and embark on a fulfilling city run.

Running, a typically solitary activity, transforms into a communal affair with Running Mafia. Conceived by Erick in March 2019 in Mexico City, this crew emerged as a response to the lack of personal connection in traditional running clubs. More than just a team, Running Mafia embodies a human element, offering individualized training programs from Coach Beto that align with members’ unique goals. Beyond physical training, camaraderie thrives through shared runs and online platforms, cultivating a network of support for both running and life’s trials.

Clique Runners, a trailblazing venture initiated by Pato, Gaby, Mariana, and Rorra in May 2019, challenges the conventional notion of running crews in bustling Mexico City. Far beyond a mere team, this thriving community is fueled by a shared passion for running and an unwavering commitment to inclusivity. Captain Pato’s leadership anchors unity, while Gaby and Mariana embody discipline and personal growth. Rorra’s vibrant spirit seeks to democratize running. Clique Runners erases the lines between crew and family, extending a warm embrace to individuals of all proficiencies to come together in shared experiences and dreams. Their focus transcends distance, elevating camaraderie and inspiration. By confronting challenges united, they foster empowerment for themselves and the wider community. Through varied routes and consistent routines, Clique Runners explore Mexico City’s urban terrain, carving an indelible niche in local running culture and igniting a global spark of inspiration. Their narrative of transformation and universal connection beckons all to join their rhythmic journey of unity and untapped potential.

Step into the world of Exodus Running Community, an inspiring running crew established in Mexico City in 2016 by Gabriela and Guillermo. Rooted in the principles of personal evolution, unity, and pushing limits, this dynamic group encourages members to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Drawing inspiration from its namesake, the crew turns running into a metaphorical migration, urging participants to move beyond their ordinary boundaries. Through collective training, bonds form that transcend the physical realm, creating a sense of camaraderie. In this inclusive community, accomplishments are collectively celebrated, and support is unwavering in the face of challenges. The crew’s diverse composition speaks to the universal appeal of running and the human aspiration for growth. As you explore the bustling streets of Mexico City, Exodus Running Community invites you to become intertwined with the city’s narrative, revealing layers of history, culture, and shared purpose. Whether you’re a passionate runner or an adventurous traveler, this community promises a transformative expedition through the heart of the city.

DROMO Run Crew, an energetic community of runners in Mexico City, is making waves with its unique approach to collective running. Conceived by Sindo and his wife, this crew’s evolution from a small clique to a tight-knit family of over 150 members speaks volumes about their shared love for running and friendship. Going beyond the track, DROMO stands as a bastion of unity, where differences fade, and shared ambitions forge unbreakable bonds. Sindo’s amusing anecdotes about runners’ peculiar habits showcase the camaraderie that defines DROMO’s spirit. Yet, their influence isn’t confined to local races – their international ventures are putting Mexico City’s vitality in the spotlight and challenging perceptions. DROMO’s story resonates globally, highlighting the universal essence of running communities built on mutual support and collective aspirations.

The bustling streets of Mexico City come alive with the rhythm of MNKS Run Crew, a remarkable running community formed in 2017 by Javier, Pablo, and Luis Miguel. Originating from two Nike projects, this crew’s determination led to 11 out of 12 members qualifying for the prestigious Boston Marathon. Beyond the accolades, MNKS Run Crew nurtures a culture of togetherness, evident in their diverse weekly schedule that includes scenic trails, iconic avenues, and tracks. With over 40 members, this crew is a beacon of unity and mutual growth, embodying the heart and soul of Mexico City’s running scene and inspiring runners worldwide.