CS Running Team

CS Running Crew is a Korean running crew that pursues the value of completion and excellence by running faster and longer. It started with a small running group from participants of “Challenge The Impossible”, the special training program of @Running with Kyunghee that trains future runners to make them finish a full marathon. Kim Ye-Da-Eun, the former participant of the program and the current leader of CS Running Crew, gathered 10 people and initiated the first training session to break the 5K record.

No One Can Stop Us. We Won’t Stop.

Different from other running crews that focus on the community side, this group is always looking for personal achievements, such as faster speed and longer distance. It is the best place to challenge the runner’s limitations without having any pressure. All members of the crew have a different running level, but they learn a lot from each other to improve themselves.

Runners who want to run with the crew members should contact Mingkey. We run every Thursday and have various quick running sessions on other days.