Cria Crew

Cria Crew was founded by Társis, Thiago and Juan in 2012 in Rio de Janeiro.

The Animal Run (in verbal translation) is our main running meeting, is the one that better translates our essence of being street locals by encouraging the sport and providing opportunities of the first contact with running or a new way of experiencing that as a collective sport while helping find new ways of people overcoming themselves.

We are here to show in a very different way that not every athlete lives sports only.

This meeting makes reference to the free run in its purest form, without stereotypes, preconceptions, defined distance nor established speed. The Animal Run is for those who have the free and wild spirit of an animal, for those who find freedom in running and on the streets, those who make things happen without excuses or expecting ideal conditions. We are friends for a long time, making new friends, staying and sweating together.