Craiova Running Club

The crew started with a couple of guys just seeing each other during their solitary runs in the Romanescu Park from Craiova. One of them talked to the other, another one joined and by March 2014 they created a group with the name Craiova Running Club.

We started having Sunday group runs that still happen until today, usually close to the city, in the hilly countryside.

Since 2015, some club members started free running classes and the crew grew with more diverse people in terms of age, gender, hobbies, and performance. During spring, summer, and autumn, we try to get together and have some fun runs followed by some gossipy hydration. We also volunteer in running events that happen in Craiova and try to get involved in charity projects.

We don’t really have a crew captain, but I think we all look at Cosmin as one, although he does not like titles very much. Cosmin has been with the club since the start and is an avid runner who has inspired many to reach out for their running goals. He is also a passionate cook. Liviu is our late 40s runner who has been with the club since the start and is getting a taste of ultrarunning lately, influencing our younger peers. Radu is a great motivator and plans the longer hilly runs to the last details.