Cool Runnings Recreational Club

The Birth of Cool Runnings Recreational Club

Heinrich founded the Cool Runnings Recreational Club on December 1st, 2015, in Cape Town, South Africa. Heinrich and nine other friends started the idea of a crew that would provide a social environment where both running and social needs could be met. Most of his friends came from a team sports background and wanted to bring that culture to running while incorporating street culture.

More Than Just a Run Crew: The Social Aspects of Cool Runnings Recreational Club

Cool Runnings Recreational Club is a social run crew that allows runners to meet like-minded people socially while benefiting physically, mentally, and socially. The crew is a space for runners to set goals and grow personally. Cool Runnings Recreational Club is a play on words, emphasizing that the crew is recreational in every possible way. The crew differs from others in that it accommodates members running from 5km to 100km and members running on the road and trail without being confined to stereotypes or limitations.

Exclusive Partner Benefits: CRRC Membership Offers More

The Cool Runnings Recreational Club offers runs to everyone, including non-members. The crew meets on Tuesdays at 5:45 am at Point Virgin Active and on Wednesdays at 5:30 pm at El Burro in Green Point. Membership in the club is also available for a fee, which provides access to partner benefits. The club partners with companies such as Saucony, Jack Black Beer, Oakley, Sealnd, Bootlegger Coffee, El Burro, and Keep Moving Apparel, who generously offer discounts to members.

Some refer to the Cool Runnings Recreational Club as a “drinking crew with a running problem,” but to the members, it’s more than just a run crew; they are a family.

Cool Runnings Recreational Club – In A Nutshell

The Cool Runnings Recreational Club is an excellent example of a running crew that promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides a social community for runners in Cape Town. Their inclusive approach to running and their focus on fun and friendship make them a unique and valuable addition to the city’s running culture.

Running in Cape Town

Running in Cape Town offers value to every runner, and the Cool Runnings Recreational Club is no exception. The city has stunning natural beauty and offers a wide range of terrain for runners to explore, from the picturesque coastal routes to the mountain trails. In addition, the city has several running events, including the famous Two Oceans Marathon and the Cape Town Marathon. These events attract runners worldwide and offer a unique opportunity to explore the city while running.

From Coast to Mountain

Running in Cape Town is a truly unique experience. With the iconic Table Mountain as a backdrop, runners can enjoy breathtaking views along the coast, through the city centre, and on the endless trails of the surrounding mountains. The city also has several popular running routes, such as the Sea Point Promenade, the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, and the 5km Parkrun at Green Point. Runners in Cape Town also have access to several world-class races, including the Two Oceans Marathon and the Cape Town Marathon, which attract runners from all over the world.

Running Events in Cape Town

Cape Town is a city that loves its running events. From small community fun runs to large-scale marathons, an event always happens somewhere in the city. Some of the most popular running events in Cape Town include the Gun Run, a 21km race through the scenic Southern Suburbs, and the Color Run, a 5km race where participants are showered with colourful powder. There are also several trail running events throughout the year, such as the iconic Table Mountain Challenge, which offers runners the opportunity to tackle some of the most challenging terrain in the area.

Two Oceans Marathon

The Two Oceans Marathon is among the world’s most prestigious and challenging ultramarathons. It occurs annually in Cape Town, South Africa, during the Easter weekend. The race is named after the two oceans that border the Cape of Good Hope: the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The primary race is a 56-kilometre ultramarathon that starts in the city centre and takes runners through some of the region’s most scenic and challenging terrains. The event also features a half marathon, trail runs, fun runs, and other races for all ages and fitness levels. The Two Oceans Marathon attracts thousands of local and international runners yearly and is considered a must-do for any serious marathoner.

Other Running Crews in Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa, is a vibrant city with a growing running culture. One of the critical features of this culture is the presence of various running crews, which provide a supportive and social environment for runners of all levels. Running crews in Cape Town differ in their approach to running, but all share a common goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle and building a community around the sport. These crews cater to runners of all abilities, from beginners to ultra-marathoners, and offer a range of activities, including group runs, social events, and community outreach programs. Whether new to running or a seasoned pro, joining a running crew in Cape Town is an excellent way to improve your fitness, meet new people, and explore the city’s streets and trails.

Must Love Hills is a running crew specializing in Cape Town trail running. They offer group runs and training sessions, including hill repeats and technical trail runs. The crew is passionate about exploring the beautiful mountain trails of Cape Town while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

Running Late Club is a running crew that aims to create a fun and inclusive community for runners of all levels in Cape Town. They organize regular runs, including social runs, more challenging workouts, and other events such as yoga sessions and book clubs.

Mindset Movement operates with a well-structured schedule designed to optimize success. From early morning sessions to high-intensity interval training, they cater to the diverse needs of their members. With different locations and varied workouts, participants not only experience the beauty of Cape Town’s landscapes but also challenge themselves physically and mentally. Mindset Movement’s rhythm reflects their dedication to providing a supportive environment where runners of all levels can thrive and reach their full potential. By adhering to this rhythm, members find consistency, motivation, and a sense of purpose in their running journey.

The Nine Four is a running crew that promotes inclusivity and diversity in the Cape Town running community. They organize regular runs catering to different levels and distances and social events that unite members. The crew also supports the community by supporting various charities and causes.

Prepare to have your running world turned upside down in the heart of Cape Town! Brace yourself for the running revolution that is the Community Track Club. They’re flinging open the gates of the legendary Green Point Athletic Stadium, inviting runners of all abilities to experience the thrill of unrestricted running and the warm embrace of a supportive community. Say goodbye to the days of exclusivity because this club is about inclusivity. 


The Nine Four

Community Track Club

Mindset Movement