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Breaking the Track Barrier: Community Track Club’s Inspiring Journey

In the heart of Cape Town, a running revolution is taking place. Founded in January 2023, by Erin and Mike, the Community Track Club is breaking down barriers and changing how people perceive track running. No longer reserved for the elite, this inclusive club is opening up the world-class Green Point Athletic Stadium to runners of all abilities, proving that everyone deserves to run freely and feel welcome.

Stay in the Loop with Community Track Club

The Community Track Club hosts an inclusive track meet every six weeks at the Green Point Athletic Stadium. With six groups based on 5km times, there’s a place for everyone, regardless of their speed or experience. Group 1 (Sub 20), Group 2 (20-22), Group 3 (22-25), Group 4 (25-28), Group 5 (28-30), and Group 6 (30 minutes and above). The club invites guest hosts, often elite athletes and coaches, to lead the sessions, providing a unique opportunity for the running community to learn from the best. As the groups grow and learn, they form a tight-knit community that supports and encourages one another, embodying the spirit of mutuality, acceptance, and fun. This thoughtful organization ensures that runners of all abilities can enjoy the experience and feel a sense of belonging in the Community Track Club family.

The Future of Community Track Club

With each event, the Community Track Club continues to grow and evolve, breaking down barriers and challenging the status quo. Erin, Mike, and their dedicated team are incredibly excited about the club’s future, and they’re committed to making a lasting impact on the running community in Cape Town and beyond. Promoting inclusivity, camaraderie, and a love for running, the Community Track Club is changing the game. One track meets at a time.

The Cape Town Connection

Cape Town, South Africa, is a vibrant city with a rich history and stunning natural beauty. The city’s diverse landscape provides the perfect backdrop for a thriving running culture, from the iconic Table Mountain to the bustling waterfront. The Community Track Club is proud to call this city home, and their events are a testament to the city’s passion for running and community spirit. 

Discovering the City’s Running Gems

Running in Cape Town is an exhilarating experience combining breathtaking scenery and a vibrant urban atmosphere. Cape Town offers a plethora of running routes and scenic trails that cater to all levels of runners. The city’s diverse landscape offers a variety of routes, from the stunning Sea Point Promenade to the challenging trails of Lion’s Head. As you pound the pavement, you’ll be immersed in the city’s rich history and culture, making every run a thrilling adventure that leaves you craving more.

Noteworthy Running Events

Cape Town’s running calendar is packed with electrifying events that ignite the city’s passion for the sport. From local races to international marathons, the city comes alive with the energy of thousands of runners, creating an infectious buzz that’s impossible to resist. These events showcase Cape Town’s commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, making it a must-visit destination for running enthusiasts. The Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, Cape Town Marathon, and Ultra-Trail Cape Town are just a few races that create a buzz in the city. These events showcase the city’s commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, and the Community Track Club is proud to be part of this vibrant running scene.

Two Oceans Marathon: The Ultimate Scenic Challenge

The Two Oceans Marathon is a prestigious race that takes runners on a breathtaking journey through Cape Town’s most stunning landscapes. Dubbed “the world’s most beautiful marathon,” this race offers a unique blend of challenging terrain and awe-inspiring views, making it a bucket-list event for runners from around the globe. As you conquer the course, you’ll be rewarded with unforgettable memories and a sense of accomplishment that will last a lifetime.

The Cape Town Marathon & Ultra-Trail: A Double Dose of Running Bliss

The Cape Town Marathon and Ultra-Trail Cape Town are two of the city’s most anticipated running events, offering a thrilling combination of road racing and trail running. The Cape Town Marathon, known for its fast and flat course, attracts elite athletes and amateurs alike, while the Ultra-Trail Cape Town challenges runners with its rugged mountain trails and jaw-dropping views. Together, these races showcase the city’s diverse running landscape and provide unforgettable experiences for participants and spectators.

Other Running Crews in the Mother City

The Community Track Club is just one of many running crews in Cape Town and the surrounding area. These crews, each with unique qualities and focus contribute to the city’s dynamic running culture. From trail running enthusiasts to road race warriors, there’s a crew for every type of runner. The Community Track Club is proud to be part of this global phenomenon, connecting runners from all walks of life and fostering a sense of unity through their shared passion for running.

The Cool Runnings Recreational Club is a shining example of a running crew that combines fitness and fun in Cape Town. With their welcoming attitude and emphasis on camaraderie, they’ve carved out a unique niche in the city’s running scene, making them an invaluable asset to the local community.

Must Love Hills is a trail running crew that takes Cape Town’s running scene to new heights. With group runs, training sessions, and a passion for conquering the city’s stunning mountain trails, this crew is all about embracing an active lifestyle while exploring the great outdoors.

The Running Late Club is a crew that brings together runners of all levels in Cape Town for a one-of-a-kind fitness experience. With a mix of social runs, challenging workouts, and unique events like yoga sessions and book clubs, this crew knows how to make fitness fun and accessible for everyone.

In a time of chaos and uncertainty, an extraordinary running crew emerged from the heart of Cape Town. Mindset Movement became a beacon of inspiration, resilience, and personal growth. With their unwavering commitment to community, this running crew has cultivated a tight-knit group of individuals who share a common pursuit of self-improvement. Their journey is one of triumph over adversity, highlighting the transformative power of running in the face of life’s challenges. Mindset Movement has united souls and soles, providing a sense of belonging and camaraderie in a world that often feels fragmented.

The Nine Four is a running crew about breaking down barriers in the Cape Town running community. With regular runs catering to various levels and distances, social events, and a commitment to supporting local charities and causes, this crew is making a real difference in the lives of its members and beyond.

MustLoveHills RUNCREW, the unstoppable force of Cape Town’s running scene, was founded in 2017, this crew’s performance-driven mindset, inclusivity, and social impact have made them a vibrant and inspiring community. With their thirst for personal growth and thrilling adventures, they conquer the hills and forge lasting friendships.

The Nine Four

Cool Runnings Recreational Club

MustLoveHills RUNCREW

Mindset Movement