Clique Runners

Clique Runners was founded in May 2019 in Mexico City by Pato, Gaby, Mariana and Rorra. As time passed by and the more we ran we started to get disappointed by the many elitist crews that had been founded and were not interested in creating a big running community that could impact more peoples lives in any possible way, that is why we created Clique.

We are not a running crew, we are a community, we are a group of people with a variety of interests, but share the same passion, running. We share ideas. We train hard as if we wanted to be professional athletes. We just believe that we can do it and sum up as many kilometres as we can. We are a new generation of Mexican runners that want the desire to share, grow as people and runners.

If you like diversity, you care about the community and you like to run, there will always be a place with us. Remember that there will always be someone better than you, but you have to be willing to help to create better people and runners. Do not run with us if you do not like to run together, share, you discriminate, the diversity of thought bothers you, etc.

Share your passion. Rise, Run and Thank.

We want people to live, smile and share their experiences while running together from one place to another. Running is a tool that nourishes us and helps us grow more as people and positively impacts our daily lives.

Train as hard as you can. Find your motivation. Thank that you can do it and then train harder. Run with passion and heart. Don’t walk or jog. Always show up for your community and be ready for whatever challenges may come up.

We run from six to seven days a week. Always in different places around the city. Tuesday and Thursdays we have track sessions. Wednesday we meet up for a hilly or mid-distance run and on Saturdays we reserved them for long runs, either on different trails around the city.

The Founders

Pato is the captain and co-founder, always interested in all members lives, he always shows up for everyone, never misses training and leads through example.

Gaby and Mariana, Twins sisters – The most disciplined people we know, never missing trying, inspiring people to give their best in life, training and every competition. Committed to inspiring people, leaving a positive impact in our community and the world.

Rorra – Friend to everyone, always focused on how to inspire more people to run and help our community.