Capital Runners Vilnius

Capital Runners is a social movement. We are the new running crew in Vilnius city, a member of global urban runners community Bridge the Gap. Or simply, people who love active life, enjoy discovering new places while running, pulse together with the city and live up all unique experiences we create ourselves. We run simply because we can’t not to run. We are the runners of Vilnius city. We are the city.

Our strength is the body&culture concept.

Every Wednesday our runs detour from different locations. We come, leave our bags, run Vilnius streets and come back to see, hear and experience various spots, be it city municipality, run and talk with ministers, national TV channel stars, start-up founders, teachers and visionaries, businessmen or Olympic athletes. Each Wednesday take us to a new journey and city discover.

For the past three years, none of our Wednesday’s were the same.
For us running frees borders and opens doors which sometimes are closed. It is also about people and knowledge sharing. Everyone is welcome.

The person behind Captital Runners is Giedre Rutkauskaite. As a part of Hong Kong Harbour Runners she enjoyed the concept of urban running. Petras Ramanauskas took part in many running events in Amsterdam. After many years of living abroad, friends came together and founded a running crew with strong culture and exploration spirit.