Back in 2016, Bernardo started running around the borders of his hometown, Belo Horizonte, capital of Minas Gerais state, also known as the “Disney Land for Mountain Lovers”.

Running outside the urban area of the city a new Belo Horizonte was unveiled to me. As I was running all the time alone, and the happiness of being out there was huge, I thought I should do something. So in August 2017, I made a big invitation using my personal Instagram account for “all the non-runners out there, let’s run together”. So we began to walk and run on every trail we could find.

During our first street run, in February 2018, 17 runners showed by. The next week, 40. A month later, 100. And since then, we are running every Tuesday and Thursday with 100 or more people, always with the intimate purpose of unveiling a city, we would love to live.

Since we started to grow, we formed the ‘Climatcs’, a family who plan the runs and meetings that also involve talks, meditation, art and music.

We created around 100 routes here in our city of Belo Horizonte. Every Tuesday and Thursday we run one of them. We don’t have a headquarter or just one special place. We pretty love the different neighbourhoods.

Running is the heart that beat all of our bodies and souls. But from it we move, we dance, we meet, we shake, we feel and we create together.