Bundang Line Running Crew

Discover the Bundang Line Running Crew: A Community of Runners Who Run for Fun

Bundang, a new city in Seongnam City, South Korea, is home to the Bundang Line Running Crew (BLRC). BLRC was founded in August 2019 by Jun Woo-shim and a group of friends who shared a passion for running around their local underground line. Today, BLRC is a growing community of runners who come together every Monday evening to enjoy running and socializing.

BLRC is open to everyone, and there’s no fee to join. They believe that everyone can run, regardless of skill level, and that running is more enjoyable when done together. They encourage anyone tired of running alone or wanting to try something new to join them and have some fun. Running with BLRC is a great way to meet new people, explore the city, and stay motivated.

The Birth of Bundang Line Running Crew

The idea of BLRC was born out of a desire to create a running crew that would allow everyone, including beginners, to run comfortably together. Their goal was to create a friendly and inclusive community where runners could support each other and run together. They wanted to make it easy for beginners to approach the running crew, as they understand how challenging it can be for beginners to join.

Regular Runs with BLRC

Bundang Line Running Crew holds regular runs every Monday at 8:30 pm, meeting at Jeongja Station and running through Bundang. The group runs a 5k route, and beginners can join and run at their own pace. After the run, the crew gathers at a nearby café for a chat and a little stretch session. They also run on other days of the week and welcome anyone who wants to join.

In A Nutshell

BLRC is more than just a running crew; it’s a community of like-minded individuals who share a love for running and a desire to have fun while doing it. They believe that running brings people together and creates new friendships, and they welcome anyone who wants to experience this with them. Join BLRC for a run, meet new people, and enjoy the beauty of Bundang and surroundings while running.

Running in Bundang

Bundang is a newly created city located around Seoul, and it’s one of Korea’s IT hubs, similar to America’s Silicon Valley. The city is known for its modern and well-planned infrastructure, and its streets are perfect for running. The BLRC crew takes advantage of this by running along the Bundang Line, which provides a scenic and safe running route. The crew also runs courses in nearby cities like Seoul and Gwanggyo.

Tancheon Starlight Run

Apart from the regular runs, Bundang hosts several exciting running events throughout the year. One of the events is the Tancheon Starlight Run, which BLRC organizes annually. The event was initially created due to the lack of running competitions during the pandemic, but it has become a yearly tradition. The Tancheon Starlight Run takes place at night, and the course is lit with colourful lights, creating a magical atmosphere for runners.