Bromance Athletic Club

Bromance Athletic Club was founded in 2017 in Paris by Maxime and Julien. Both are friends for a decade. Back in the days, you could call them “party harder kids” but they decided at a certain point to go easy on partying and started running, to save their soul and health.

It was a good pretext to spend more time together and challenge ourselves to see how far we can go for the love of friendship and our new passion. It has really started during the preparation of the 2015 Paris Marathon. As we were inseparable, our girlfriends called us the Bromance. This is how our name was born.

Then, as running exploded on Instagram, we decided then to create our own account in 2017 for 3 mains reasons:

  • Share our stories and challenges
  • Everybody is running in duo, trio, quartet, so every crew is more or less a Bromance
  • Link our daily work in digital to a recreative personal purpose

After a few months, we’ve been joined by friends, colleagues, friends of friends so we become a core team of eight people. New team members mean new challenges, so we went from marathon to long runs and started to run trail.

This was the real game-changer for us because everyone felt in love with this discipline. In the meantime, we had the chance to get in touch with Asics who supported us in many ways: meeting professional coaches, receiving running outfits and getting invitations to the major races. We are now what we can call “Asics team trail amateurs”.