Brisbane Social Run Club

Brisbane Social Run Club was founded by Isaka and Jo in January 2018 in Brisbane, Australia.

To all of the awesome run clubs, crews, packs around the world, your social events, your vibe, the community you built, thank you for inspiring us. Now the people in Brisbane that used to run past each other, now run together, eat together, cheer each other on together.

We host three paceless 5km runs per week. There’s no competition, we go on social runs. Don’t be surprised if you catch us going all out at a bar or burger joint post-run too!

When you’re in town, come run with us.

The founders
Isaka is a pro athlete and founded the run club to bring active people together like the crews he has run with around the world. Jojo is the heart and Soul of the Social Run Club.

Jo is full of energy and positive vibes and that energy has the crew running to her beat ever since.