Bridge Runners

Our city is filled with best-kept secrets. We had a bike Crew, The Bridge Rollers that would meet on the Lower at a frozen margaritas to-go spot and bike to a Mexican record shop in Willy B that had banging tacos in the back. Every Roller has a different secret to share. So our routes set towards exploration and discoveries of art, food and history. This became the basis of why we run, out of the alleys and shadows towards the scents and sounds awaiting and always on the roads less traveled.

The NYC Bridge Runners are the essence of the Big Apple, We stay crisp and roll hard even when bruised. Some of us are the seeds and the core that keep NYC fresh, while others are the skin with vibrant colors that help us shine. Combined we got the juice and more flavor than any runners in any City throughout the World.

We don’t take it too serious, but we’re serious runners.

We don’t measure by heart rate or minutes, we explore the hoods and what connects them then tally our miles as evidence to add to our euphoric state. We move forward to the next challenge always defeating what once was our best, always training for the impossible.