Boogie Down Bronx Runners

Running in NYC has become apart of the city’s culture. For the past 3-4 years, you can pretty much catch a run anytime of the week, in any borough in the city except for one. The Bronx. After many runs with running crews around the city, Lenny and Jean Paul decided it was time to fill that void in their borough.

All for our borough!

We knew it wasn’t going to be easy with our borough being the unhealthiest county in the entire state, let alone the city. The Bronx needed this and we knew how running could change people’s lives completely so we came up with the dopest name possible and picked a date, May 30th 2017. At our first run we had just one other runner come out along with me and JP stayed this way for the next couple of weeks but we didn’t allow that to discourage us. We stuck with it week in and week out, building a strong, inspiring and non judgmental community!

Fast-forward 2019, the Boogie Down Bronx Runners is a collective of everyday Bronx residents whose mission is to promote wellness, inspire, and engage people of all abilities. We now roll almost 40 deep at our weekly runs and our crew is racing all over the world. Come catch some of these BX miles.