Bombay Running Crew

We have been in action since 2012 running Mumbai Runners – an Instagram handle to promote running in India. At that time we used to run off our own as we couldn’t connect to other running groups that existed during that time. Bombay Running was started in February 2017 as an offshoot of Nike Run Club Mumbai.

We exist to undo the ordinary.

The crew was founded by Deepak, Tushar and Bhuvandeep. Bombay Running has been changing the running status quo in India year after year.

We exist to undo the ordinary. Unlike most running groups in the country, we take pride in calling ourselves a running crew. We have built a running culture where people don’t run for status, job promotions, instagram likes, etc. We run because we love it. Running helps us explores the old Bombay, we create our own routes and draw our own trajectory.

This is a family, a bond which has grown absolutely organically. We were bored and frustrated with routine running of marathon medals, hence we have created our own events such as 5×5, 10×10 Run Challenge, Holi Relay Run, Bombay Goa Chase – 567km interstate relay where we hold the India Book Of Records.
Our dream is to run the Speed Project!