Black Roses NYC

Black Roses is a running collective promoting the lifestyle and culture of running with a focus on group training. Weekly meeting points vary, often dependent on the evening’s workout (e.g. speed work vs tempo), and are structured based on members’ upcoming goal races.

So often we can get caught up in the rankings, times, personal bests, and competitions that we forget about the true joy and life-changing experiences that our sport provides. Running is about a journey, a journey that engages an entire community and culture, yet inwardly transforms the mind, spirit, and body. That is what we are.

You won’t find any casual runnings with Black Roses. The sessions are intense. Even a 25K long run can end with an extra 5k hard on the track. If looking for some casual miles while on holiday, there are many great crews to join in New York. However, if you’re in the middle of a training cycle and looking to put in some work, reach out to Knox or one of the Roses members to join a weekly run.