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Revolutionizing Running: The Inspiring Journey of Berlin Track Club

Breaking records, fostering camaraderie, and redefining what it means to be a runner—these are the hallmarks of the remarkable Berlin Track Club. With a vision that running is a team sport, this crew has set out to inspire runners worldwide and transform the landscape of running. From the heart of Berlin, Germany, their story is one of mutual support, acceptance, and above all, fun. Join us as we delve into the exhilarating journey of this extraordinary running crew and discover the vibrant running culture that thrives within their city.

Emergence of the Team: Building a Foundation of Ambition

In 2019, the Berlin Track Club took its first strides as the “BTC Racing Team.” Founded by brothers SvenBjörn, along with coach Benny, the crew initially focused on the 1,500-meter to 10-kilometer distances. Their goal was clear—to assemble a team of ambitious runners who wholeheartedly embraced the vision of the Berlin Track Club. Today, their support extends across all distances, from middle distance to marathons, whether on the track or road.

Right from the beginning, the team firmly believed that running is a team sport. Their aim was to inspire fellow runners to unlock their full potential and challenge the notion of running as a solitary pursuit. Sven Rudolph, one of the founders, sums it up perfectly, saying, “We want to push the sport of running forward and show that running is not a sport for lone runners, but a team sport.”

Joining the Team: The Pathway to Becoming a BTC Runner

Becoming part of the BTC Running Team is not a walk in the park—it requires dedication, a passion for team camaraderie, and a desire to improve. Prospective members must fulfill specific requirements, ensuring that the team maintains its core values and shared goals. These requirements include embracing running as a team sport, striving for personal improvement, and undergoing an admission process that tests their abilities.

While the team would love to welcome every enthusiastic runner, their capacity is limited to preserve the essence of team spirit. To ensure that every member trains with teammates of a similar performance level, time standards play a crucial role in the admission process. However, it’s not solely about performance; the team places great emphasis on fostering personal connections within the crew. Individual support from the coach and seamless integration of new members are vital components of their team structure.

The Berlin Track Club opens its doors for new team members twice a year, in April and October, during specific admission windows. Athletes from areas where training partners are needed are invited to apply. It’s important to note that while the team’s capacity is limited, the selection process strives to create an inclusive and diverse running community.

Running for Change: The Vision of Berlin Track Club

The Berlin Track Club envisions a future where running receives the attention it truly deserves. Their mission is to challenge the existing beliefs held by many established runners and transform the perception of running as a purely individualistic pursuit. In a sport often bound by tradition, the team seeks to inject excitement and foster a sense of teamwork.

Unlike many traditional athletics clubs in Germany, which tend to be conservative, the Berlin Track Club believes in making running accessible to all. They recognize that running is not just a competition but a team sport—one that can be enjoyed by individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Their vision extends to imparting the joy of running fast to young people, instilling in them a lifelong passion for the sport.

The team aims to make fast running more attractive, bridging the gap between recreational runners and elite athletes. By emphasizing training, motivation, and the power of the right team, they believe that anyone can surpass their perceive limits. Their ambition isn’t to produce professional runners but to help each person achieve their own personal definition of “fast” while fostering a sense of humanity and camaraderie.

Teamwork at the Core: Training and Supporting Each Other

Central to the Berlin Track Club’s philosophy is the idea of training together and pushing one another toward greater achievements. To enable this, members are grouped based on their performance level, ensuring they can train with teammates who share similar abilities and goals. This collective training approach bridges the gap between elite and recreational runners, creating an environment where anyone can feel inspired to join.

The team’s support for one another goes beyond mere performance. Each member genuinely cares about their teammates’ progress, both as runners and as individuals. This philosophy is epitomized by their motto: #traintogether #improvetogether. Injured members are not excluded but actively integrated, recognizing that setbacks are a natural part of running.

A Running Team for All: Inclusive and Welcoming

The Berlin Track Club extends a warm invitation to anyone in search of strong training partners, irrespective of their level of experience. Whether you’ve recently started running and aspire to achieve new personal bests or you’re an experienced runner seeking a fresh start, this crew has a place for you. They’ve welcomed former professional athletes into their ranks and understand the transformative power of running.

Beyond individual goals, the team invites members to be part of a movement—a collective effort to reshape the sport of running. They encourage their runners to spread the team spirit in races and during daily runs in their respective areas. Ideas for events and initiatives that align with the team’s vision are not only welcomed but voted on democratically, ensuring everyone has a voice in shaping the crew’s future.

The Ideal BTC Team Member: Traits That Define the Crew

A Berlin Track Club member embodies several key traits that contribute to the crew’s success. They are team players, placing the needs of the team above their own. Curiosity drives them to explore their own potential and push their boundaries. They possess determination and ambition, continuously striving for self-improvement. Independence is valued, allowing members to train according to their abilities and preferences. Above all, they remain optimistic, maintaining hope for the future even in the face of setbacks.

Reshaping the Running Landscape: Berlin Track Club’s Impact

Berlin Track Club’s journey goes beyond personal accomplishments—it’s about transforming the world of running. By challenging existing norms and fostering a sense of community, they inspire runners globally to view running as a team sport. Their vibrant running culture, rooted in Berlin, serves as a testament to the city’s inclusive and progressive outlook.

As the team expands its reach, their impact will continue to grow. By embracing the themes of mutuality, acceptance, and fun, the Berlin Track Club is revolutionizing the sport one stride at a time. They invite you to join their movement, experience the joy of running as a team, and rewrite the rules of what it means to be a runner. Together, let’s reimagine the running world and discover the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

The Vibrant Running Scene in Berlin: Uniting Running Crews

While the Berlin Track Club (BTC) is a remarkable running crew, they are not alone in shaping the city’s vibrant running culture. Berlin is home to several other notable running crews, each with a unique style and spirit. The BerlinBagels, Berlin Braves, and Run Pack Berlin have made a name for themselves and contributed to the city’s dynamic running community. These crews share a common love for running, fostering camaraderie, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From their spirited group runs to their participation in local races, these running crews add a distinct flavour to the Berlin running scene. Together, they create a collective energy that fuels the passion and excitement of sporty individuals and runners throughout the city.

In the bustling city of Berlin, the BerlinBagels running crew has transformed their shared hobby into something more profound—a close-knit community. Embracing the vibrant running culture that permeates the city, they have found a home where scenic routes, notable events, and diverse running crews come together to create an exciting and inclusive environment. The inspiring journey of the BerlinBagels showcases the transformative power of running and the incredible bonds that can be forged through a mutual passion.

Step into the exciting world of the Berlin Braves, where running is not simply a sport—it’s an electrifying adventure! These fearless trailblazers are rewriting the rules of athletics and infusing the vibrant streets of Berlin with their boundless creativity. Breaking records is just the beginning for the Braves; they also break barriers, creating an unstoppable sports culture in the city. But their impact extends beyond their incredible performances. The Berlin Braves are dedicated to uplifting the younger generation, inspiring kids to dream big and pursue their passions fearlessly.

Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled journey with Run Pack Berlin, an unstoppable force storming through the city’s bustling streets. Since their founding in 2013 by six trailblazers, this crew has revolutionized the running scene. More than just a running crew, Run Pack Berlin has built a tight-knit family that inspires and uplifts one another. Their love for running has forged unbreakable bonds that transcend the pavement, creating a community of friends who push each other to new heights.

Dive into the captivating tale of the KRAFT Runners, a crew that goes beyond friendship and running. It all started when this group of friends united as pacers at the NIKE+ Run Club, realizing they craved more than just a workout. They yearned for an adventure that would test their limits and strengthen their unbreakable bond. And so, the #geilballern movement was born—a relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and unleashing their inner beasts. The KRAFT Runners epitomize the spirit of camaraderie and the transformative power of running.

Running can be an exercise, an escape, a moment of relaxation, or an opportunity to build lasting friendships. In 2022, three friends founded the After Work Track Club in Berlin. Despite their demanding jobs, they always find time to come together and enjoy the camaraderie of running. A unique friendship blossomed when two runners found themselves racing side by side, almost crossing the finish line together. From then on, they trained together, relished interval sessions, and prepared for races. The After Work Track Club exemplifies the beauty of running as a unifying force, bringing people together in pursuit of shared goals and unforgettable experiences.

Breaking barriers since 2022, Fierce Run Force is Germany’s first women’s sports club offering cycle-oriented training. Their mission is to promote visibility, gender equality, and women’s health and rights. By embracing runners of all levels, backgrounds, and beliefs, FRF creates an inclusive space where every woman finds support and encouragement. With their unwavering dedication, they have made a lasting impact on Berlin’s running culture, empowering women to embrace the transformative power of running.


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