Belgrade Running Club

Belgrade Running Club: A Supportive Community for Recreational Runners in Serbia

Belgrade Running Club was founded in February 2011. At the first training, six people ran on the snow-covered track in Olimp Park; that is where the history of the BRC begins. At the time, having a membership-based club that would engage in recreational running was unthinkable. The runners still knew each other.

A Look into the History and Philosophy of the Belgrade Running Club

The Belgrade Running Club is a community-based in Belgrade, Serbia. The club was founded in 2011 as a supportive society for people who want to challenge themselves, get out of their comfort zone, or maintain healthy habits in a group of like-minded people. The club prides itself on being a place where everyday people can participate in recreational running and not just for athletic competition. They have a membership fee for regular runners who train with their coaches, but visitors to Belgrade can join them for free during their stay.

Inclusivity and Support over Competitiveness

BRC is not a competitive athletic club where only the top few participants are remembered. Instead, it was created to cultivate a supportive society that motivates members to persevere and attend the next training session. Every kilometre and victory is a success for each member, not just a select few. BRC aims to create an active Belgrade where sports culture is celebrated through more than just watching sports on TV. Instead, it should be a mass health movement where every citizen who runs can also be an agent of change. Running around the city serves as an example that things can be different.

Activities and Events for Runners of all Levels

The Belgrade Running Club offers various activities, such as running schools for beginners, huge group runs, races, and trips to marathons in Serbia and abroad. They also organize projects and campaigns to develop sports and active lifestyles in Serbia. The club’s weekly training schedule includes Tuesday and Thursday evening runs and weekend runs on Saturday or Sunday mornings. They also have an open Facebook group for members to join and explore the city. The club is safe for running in the evening, and they recommend staying on the main streets with lights to avoid unwanted situations.

Passionate Pioneers of the Running Movement in Serbia

The club’s head coach, Ivan, finds inspiration for developing the running movement in the philosophy and aesthetics of the New York Marathon. Veroljub, the club’s founder, is one of the pioneers of the modern running movement in Serbia. He founded the magazine Trč in 2008 when only a few people were running in Serbia.

Inspire Change through Running

The Belgrade Running Club aims to create a more active Belgrade, where the city’s sports culture is celebrated as a mass health movement. They believe that running can change a person’s life, and once a movement is felt and realized, it is often accompanied by movement on an emotional and spiritual level. 

Running in Belgrade

Exploring the City’s Parks, Trails, and Culture

Running is popular in Belgrade, Serbia, with numerous parks and trails to explore. Running in Belgrade is not only a way to stay physically fit but also a way to experience the city’s culture and scenery. The city has several running communities and clubs, such as the Belgrade Running Club (BRC), where like-minded individuals can challenge themselves and maintain healthy habits in a supportive group setting.

From the Belgrade Marathon to Night Runs and Trail Races

Belgrade hosts several running events throughout the year, catering to different skill levels and interests. One of the most prominent events is the Belgrade Marathon, which attracts runners worldwide. Other events include the Belgrade Night Run, which takes place at night and offers a unique perspective of the city, and the Ada Ciganlija Trail Race, which takes place in a popular park in Belgrade. These events allow runners to push themselves to their limits and connect with others who share their passion for running.

Other Running Crews in Belgrade

In addition to the Belgrade Running Club, there are other running crews in the city. These crews offer a different approach to running, often focusing on specific themes or social causes.

One such crew is the Capital Crew Belgrade, a diverse group of runners who share a passion for the city and its culture. They organize weekly runs around Belgrade, often ending at a local bar or cafe for drinks and socializing.

Another running crew in Belgrade is the Belgrade Urban Running Team, which aims to promote healthy living and an active lifestyle through running. They organize regular runs and fitness and yoga classes for their members. The crew also participates in various races and events in Serbia and abroad.

Capital Crew Belgrade


Belgrade Urban Running Team (BURT)