Be More You

Be More You: The Remarkable Journey of a Running Crew Inspiring the World

A Close-Knit Running Community Fostering Mutuality, Acceptance, and Fun

In the bustling streets of London, where the energy is infectious and the spirit is alive, a remarkable running crew has captured the hearts of sporty individuals and runners worldwide. Be More You, a crew founded in October 2018, has blossomed into a tight-knit community, encouraging its members to embrace their authentic selves and support one another’s mental well-being without judgment. They have become a beacon of hope for many, spreading the message of positive psychology and mental health awareness in the global running community.

The Heart and Soul of Be More You

Be More You was born from a heartfelt conversation between two friends, Rob and Sha, after a track session at Mile End Stadium. Sha, silently battling anxiety, stress, and depression, was inspired to share his struggles after an eye-opening encounter with a breath coach. Motivated by Rob’s willingness to open up about his mental health, they realized the need for a safe space where runners could freely express their emotions and be heard.

Together, Rob and Sha recruited Sarah, Lindsay, Annabel, and Onder, creating a core group of passionate individuals dedicated to promoting mental well-being. They established weekly check-in sessions where runners would gather at Cafe 1001, off Brick Lane, to share their experiences, practice mindfulness, and uplift one another. As the word spread, the sessions became popular, attracting runners from all walks of life who sought solace and connection.

Supporting global runners, communities and crews with positive mental health and guidance. No one belongs here more than you.

United by a Shared Mission

The essence of Be More You extends beyond its core group of ten members. This crew believes in collaboration and inclusivity, joining forces with other London-run crews and supporting international communities and events. They have formed partnerships with like-minded crews, spreading their positive mental health message and offering guidance to runners worldwide.

A Unique Approach to Spreading Positivity

Be More You stands out from the crowd, defying the norms of a typical run crew. While they may not have regular runs traditionally, they make their mark by teaming up with other crews in London and beyond to provide support, raise awareness, and offer guidance for positive mental health within the global running community.

Uniting Runners at Expos, Festivals, and Events

Be More You goes beyond the streets and takes centre stage at various running expos, festivals, and specially organized events. They recognize the power of bringing runners together in a vibrant and inclusive environment where they can enhance their physical fitness and nurture their mental well-being. These gatherings allow runners from all walks of life to connect, share experiences, and build a strong sense of community.

Spreading the Message of Positive Psychology

Running and mental well-being are deeply intertwined in the philosophy of Be More You. Their running and mental well-being talks and workshops have become a dynamic platform for spreading the message of positive psychology. They empower runners to develop a holistic approach to their well-being through engaging activities such as active listening, gratitude exercises, and mindfulness practices. By nurturing the body and the mind, Be More You inspires runners to cultivate resilience, optimism, and self-care.

An Open Invitation for All Runners

With a dedicated core group of ten members leading the way, Be More You invites runners to join their shakeouts and easy runs. They break free from the constraints of a traditional membership structure, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where anyone can participate and contribute. By removing barriers and promoting accessibility, Be More You ensures that its mission of promoting mental well-being and unity reaches a diverse range of individuals. They embrace the power of collective support and encourage every runner to participate in their inspiring journey.

Redefining the Running Experience

Be More You’s an innovative approach and unwavering commitment to merging running with mental well-being have positioned them as a force to be reckoned with in the running community. Their emphasis on positivity and self-care resonates deeply, inspiring individuals to prioritize their mental health while pursuing their running goals. By redefining the running experience, Be More You showcases the transformative potential of running as a tool for personal growth, connection, and empowerment. They are trailblazers in the global running community, inspiring others to embark on extraordinary journeys of self-discovery and well-being.

Embracing the Journey, Inspiring Change

Be More You inspires runners everywhere, reminding them their struggles are not to be faced alone. Their unwavering support empowers individuals to be their authentic selves and create a positive impact within their communities. Their message of acceptance, mutuality, and fun resonates deeply, reminding us that we are never alone on our running journey.

As Be More You spreads its wings, collaborating with other crews, hosting workshops, and participating in running events worldwide, its impact only continues to grow. With every step they take, they lead by example, encouraging others to lace up their shoes, embrace their true selves, and join the global running movement.

So, if you ever find yourself in the vibrant streets of London, keep an eye out for the Be More You crew. They are more than just runners—they are a beacon of hope, reminding us to embrace our journey, support one another, and, most importantly, be more ourselves.

Unleashing the Champion Within: Sha Hussain, Running Extraordinaire

Shah, the epitome of a running and mindset coach, is a force to be reckoned with. Since embarking on his marathon journey in 2006, Sha has become a living testament to the transformative power of running. From conquering The Speed Project to triumphing at the prestigious Marathon Du Mont Blanc and completing 25 marathons worldwide, including the illustrious quartet of London, New York, Berlin, and Boston majors, Sha’s running resume is nothing short of awe-inspiring. With his first marathon in London clocking in at 4 hours and 35 minutes, he has since soared to new heights, achieving his fastest marathon time of 3 hours and 13 minutes in Sevilla in 2023. Sha’s unwavering dedication to running fuels his physical fitness and infuses him with the energy, motivation, and confidence to conquer every aspect of his life. Through running, Sha finds clarity of mind, effortlessly navigating any obstacles that come his way. His guiding principle, firmly etched in his running philosophy, is to embrace the joy of the process, and success will naturally follow. This approach has led Sha to qualify for the esteemed Boston Marathon not once but twice, continually pushing the boundaries of his potential with each passing year. Sha embodies the essence of determination, growth, and unwavering passion for running and beyond.

Running in the Vibrant City of London

London, a city pulsating with life, offers a vibrant backdrop for Be More You’s inspiring journey. With its iconic landmarks and diverse neighbourhoods, runners are spoiled for choice when exploring the city on foot. The crew takes full advantage of London’s running culture, often organizing shakeout runs and easy runs in different parts of the city, immersing themselves in its unique charm.

Popular running routes in London include the scenic Thames Path, which stretches alongside the river, offering breathtaking views of iconic landmarks such as the Tower Bridge and the London Eye. The Royal Parks, including Hyde Park, Regents Park, and Richmond Park, provide serene and verdant spaces for runners to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Hyde Park, in particular, is a favourite among runners for its wide paths and beautiful landscapes.

The Pulse of Running Events in London

London is a hub of running events and races that attract participants from around the globe. The city hosts renowned marathons, such as the London Marathon, which winds through the city’s most iconic streets, offering a thrilling and unforgettable experience for runners and spectators alike. For those seeking shorter distances, there are plenty of 5K and 10K races to choose from, catering to runners of all levels.

In addition to the major races, London hosts unique events that capture the essence of the city’s running culture. The Color Run, a vibrant and joyful 5K race, celebrates unity and happiness, with participants doused in colourful powders as they enter the course. Another notable event is the Midnight Run, where runners lace up their shoes for a nighttime adventure through the city’s illuminated streets, experiencing the magic of London after dark.

A Global Running Movement

While Be More You shines brightly in the London running scene, they are not alone in their mission to promote mental well-being and foster community through running. Numerous running crews have emerged across the city, country, and world, each with unique qualities and contributions.

One such crew making waves is Run Dem Crew, a diverse collective that uses running as a platform for social change and empowerment. With a focus on inclusivity and equality, they have become a force to be reckoned with, organizing community projects and supporting causes that resonate with their values.

Another notable crew is Midnight Runners, known for their energetic and electrifying night runs. They combine music, movement, and camaraderie to create an unforgettable running experience that transcends borders. Midnight Runners exemplifies the global nature of running crews with chapters in cities worldwide, including New York, Amsterdam, and Barcelona.