Be More You

Be More You was founded by Sha and his running friends in October 2018 around World Mental Health Day in London after a couple of the founders shared their respective stories about struggles with mental health. The next step was to recruit some further members who were passionate about mental health and wanted to make a difference in the global running community.

We started to meet weekly before running to check in with one another and discuss our mental wellbeing; Be More You was created, a safe space for runners to come and be their authentic selves without fear of judgement or criticism, to be heard, listen or just be present in the moment.

Supporting global runners, communities and crews with positive mental health and guidance. No one belongs here more than you.

We are not your typical run crew as we do not have regular runs as such, however, we team up with crews in London to support them, abroad and at BTG events to raise awareness and provide guidance for positive mental health for the global running community.

We also host events at running expo’s, festivals as well as hosting our own running and mental wellbeing talks and workshops to spread the message of positive psychology.

Ten members running the initiative, but we have runners join us for our shakeout’s and runs; we do not have a membership as such; we do shakeout runs and easy runs and include mental wellbeing exercises i.e. active listening, gratitude and mindfulness.