AM:PM.RC is a run crew made up of diverse and creative people who love getting together to run, sweat it out, party and smash food. Founded in 2014 by Ben Clement after working on a campaign with Athletics Far East. Our motto is “Strength To Strength”. This means as we connect together, support each other, look out for one another, work hard and commit to our goals we’ll go from strength to strength. We work locally but act and think globally – connecting with crews from all over and continuing to bridge the gap and challenging the way running culture is perceived.

We’re based in Melbourne, Australia. We promote and live by the P.M.A (Positive Mental Attitude). We are a community of unique individuals who bring our own vibe and share the love of running together. We’re for strengthening creative outputs, getting down for collaboration and striving for personal growth. Performance is a key factor and many members do strive to improve and train hard. But we’re all about building our community and family. We’re here to add to our culture and bring positive change. The crew is from many different backgrounds and cultures, from all over the globe—indigenous, immigrant, travelling and local. We are a running crew that thinks and acts differently — our goals and ideas go far beyond running.

AM:PM. is a place of support and help through everything we do. This is a safe place. To talk, be open, be heard and escape. We grow by common interests, via mutual friends and 2degrees of separation. We believe in a tight community that sticks together. Dedication, Initiative and drive are things we vibe on. Turning up every week, putting your ideas forward, offering help where you can and supporting with your actions, voice and vibe are all things that help us in a big way. Give back as much as you are given.

Don’t sweat it. Have some fun, loosen up, let go of any stresses you’re having, do you and the crew. You will never run alone and you will never be left behind. We’re about 100% vibes and 0% content – if you don’t know what this means, check yourself. Our crew grows by common interests and being connected via mutual friends and two degrees of separation. As open as we are, we cannot allow every single person to join. We’re all about pro-activeness and giving back. We put a whole lot of time and effort into this crew so please be considerate of this and give back where you can, even if that means rocking up to runs consistently and being a strong part of our voice.