Discover the Vibrant Running Community of AM:PM.RC in Melbourne

A Running Crew Unlike Any Other

Founded in 2014 by Ben, AM:PM.RC is a one-of-a-kind running crew in the lively city of Melbourne, Australia. This dynamic group brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds and creative spheres, all united by their passion for running, with a motto of “Strength to Strength,” AM:PM.RC is dedicated to fostering personal growth and mutual support among its members.

AM:PM.RC – A Supportive Sanctuary for All

AM:PM.RC takes pride in challenging the norms of running culture and striving to positively impact its community. With open arms, they welcome individuals from all walks of life, including indigenous, immigrant, travelling, and local members. This embrace of diversity creates a uniquely unique atmosphere within the crew. The crew places great importance on fostering a tight-knit community that stands together through thick and thin. Dedication, initiative, and drive are highly valued, and the crew thrives on the active participation of members who show up consistently, contribute ideas, lend a helping hand, and offer unwavering support through actions and words. The members find more than just a running group – they discover a safe haven to run, sweat, and uplift one another.

Running Fused with Creativity

The crew proves that running isn’t solely about putting one foot before another. AM:PM.RC adds an exciting twist to their community and keeps its members engaged. They infuse their activities with creativity, art, and music, collaborating with local artists, musicians, and photographers to craft unique experiences for their members. From captivating art shows to live music performances and photo exhibitions. Running is more than just a form of exercise—it’s an experience meant to be enjoyed. The crew sets a casual, informative, and engaging tone that creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for their members. By making running fun and engaging, AM:PM.RC encourages their members to embrace the joy and excitement of each run.

AM:PM.RC – Driving Positive Change

AM:PM.RC is committed to making a positive impact beyond its running paths. RC demonstrates genuine care for their community. They actively partner with local businesses and support various charities, dedicating their efforts to meaningful causes. The crew has donated shoes to homeless individuals, raised funds for cancer research, and advocated for mental health awareness, among other initiatives. 

Join AM:PM.RC and Experience Melbourne’s Running Culture

If you’re seeking a supportive and diverse community to join in Melbourne, AM:PM.RC welcomes you with open arms. This running crew offers a unique approach to running, providing a platform for personal growth and development while fostering a sense of belonging. So why not lace up your running shoes and join them for an impressive run, immersing yourself in the best of Melbourne’s running culture? Embark on this adventure and discover the joy of running with like-minded individuals passionate about exploring new terrains and forming new ones.

Running in Melbourne – Where Urban Splendor Meets Nature’s Beauty

Melbourne is a vibrant city known for its stunning architecture, world-class coffee, and extensive running trails and parks. Running in Melbourne offers a variety of routes catering to all levels of runners. Melbourne, a vibrant city renowned for its stunning architecture and world-class coffee, offers many running opportunities amidst its urban and natural landscapes. Runners of all levels can enjoy a variety of routes, from the picturesque Yarra River trail that meanders through the heart of the city to the scenic Royal Botanic Gardens, where lush greenery provides a refreshing backdrop for every stride. Whether you’re a dedicated runner or a casual jogger, Melbourne’s running scene will captivate you.

Exciting Running Events in Melbourne: Embrace the Thrill of the Race

Melbourne’s running scene is buzzing with thrilling events that cater to all levels of runners. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner looking for a fun challenge, the city offers many running events throughout the year. There’s something for everyone, from marathons and half-marathons to charity fun runs and themed races. Lace up your running shoes and join the energetic atmosphere of events like the Melbourne Marathon Festival, Run for the Kids, and the Color Run. With its vibrant spirit and diverse range of races, Melbourne is a city that celebrates the joy of running and welcomes participants from all walks of life.

Other Running Crews in Melbourne

Hunter Athletics and Recreation formed an unstoppable squad in a world where running can transform lives. These trailblazers recognized the magic when runners came together and decided to share the secret with the world. With boundless energy and unwavering determination, this crew believes in the strength of unity, knowing that collective running can propel overall well-being and ignite personal growth. Through their meticulously crafted training sessions, Hunter Athletics and Recreation offer a structured framework for runners to push their limits, shatter boundaries, and reach for the stars. Join the squad, embrace the thrill of the run, and unleash your inner champion!

Join Run the Tan RUN CLUB, Melbourne’s vibrant and inclusive running crew that has captured the hearts of sporty individuals and runners alike. Founded in May 2022, this remarkable group fosters mutual support, acceptance, and fun within its tight-knit community. After an energizing workout, the crew gathers at a local café for well-deserved coffee, creating lasting connections. Run the Tan RUN CLUB not only promotes a healthy and active lifestyle but also raises awareness about the positive impact of running on mental health and well-being. Immerse yourself in Melbourne’s vibrant running culture as you explore the iconic Tan Track within the picturesque Botanic Gardens. This famous 3.827-kilometre track, with its gravel surface, offers a scenic route for runners of all abilities.