After Work Track Club

The After Work Track Club: Founding and Philosophy

The After Work Track Club was founded in Berlin in 2022 by ShanasFlorine, and Sebastian. Despite their demanding jobs, they always find time to run together and enjoy the camaraderie. Running can be an exercise, an escape, a moment to relax, or a chance to build friendships. For two runners, racing and almost crossing the finish line together sparked a special friendship. They trained together, enjoyed interval sessions and prepared for races.

Too many Vodka Sodas

On a hot summer night, Shanas and Florine were at the start line, knowing their third teammate Seb was racing with the fast guys. After the race, influenced by vodka sodas, they came up with the idea of creating a community all about running fast, pushing limits, and having a good time with friends.

While work takes up much of their time, these runners always find time to run together, whether early morning or after-work runs. They believe running is best enjoyed with friends and invite anyone looking for a good workout and fun community to join them. Here’s to them and their “after-work track club”, – where running and friendship come together.

Running in Berlin: A City of Runners

Berlin is a city that loves running, with various routes and races for all types of runners. The Berlin Wall Trail is a popular 160 km route that takes you through historic sites. The Tiergarten, a large public park, is also a popular runner spot, with well-maintained paths and beautiful scenery.

Berlin hosts the famous Berlin Marathon, one of the world’s largest and most popular marathons, attracting runners worldwide with its fast course and potential for personal bests. The city also hosts other yearly races, ranging from fun runs to ultramarathons. The annual German Road Races Championships in Berlin attract top runners nationwide.

A Tapestry of Running Crews: A Global Phenomenon in Berlin

The pulse of Berlin’s running community resonates with an exhilarating harmony, and at the centre of this tapestry stands the After Work Track Club. Yet, we are just one thread in the vibrant fabric of Berlin’s running culture. In this bustling city, various crews like BerlinBagels, Run Pack Berlin, Kraft Runners, and Berlin Braves contribute their unique stories to the global phenomenon. Together, we weave an extraordinary tale, forming an unbreakable bond that transcends borders and embraces the magic of running. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of mutuality, acceptance, and pure fun that defines Berlin’s running scene.

Hold onto your hats because Run Pack Berlin is about to take you on the wildest running adventure of your life! This crew of extraordinary friends has transformed the streets of Berlin into their personal playgrounds. Founded in 2013, they’ve shattered every boundary, creating a tight-knit community more like a band of superheroes. Buckle up as we dive headfirst into their awe-inspiring journey through the vibrant city they call home and immerse ourselves in the thriving running culture that’s set the world on fire. 

BerlinBagels represents a great running crew that has transcended the boundaries of a shared hobby, evolving into a close-knit community. In the vibrant city of Berlin, they have found a home amidst a thriving running culture, where scenic routes, notable events, and diverse running crews contribute to an exhilarating and inclusive environment. Their inspiring journey is a testament to the transformative power of running and the bonds that can be forged through a mutual passion. 

The KRAFT Runners are no ordinary crew; they’re a force to be reckoned with. Their story began as pacers at the legendary NIKE+ Run Club, but they hungered for more. Fuelled by a relentless spirit and a thirst for challenge, they forged their path. Enter the #geilballern movement—a rallying cry for pushing limits and unleashing their full potential. 

The Berlin Braves are not just a running crew; they’re a force of nature, combining athletics with creativity to redefine the sports culture in Berlin. Their unwavering dedication to uplifting the young generation leaves an indelible mark on the running community and inspires a global movement. Get ready to witness the transformative power of the Braves as they revolutionize the game and spread their influence worldwide.

When it was established in 2019 as the “BTC Racing Team,” the Berlin Track Club immediately embraced the concept of running as a team sport. Their driving force was to inspire fellow runners to tap into their untapped potential and revolutionize the traditional perception of running as a solitary pursuit. Today, their support encompasses runners across all distances, be it middle distance or marathons, spanning tracks and roads alike. Co-founder Sven Rudolph eloquently summarizes their philosophy, stating, “We strive to propel the sport of running forward, showcasing its true essence as a team sport rather than an individual endeavor.”

Fierce Run Force, founded in 2022, is Germany’s trailblazing women’s running club. They go beyond running by promoting visibility, gender equality, and women’s rights. Their inclusive ethos welcomes beginners, seasoned athletes, and former runners alike, fostering a supportive community. FRF’s dedication has left an indelible mark on Berlin’s running culture, empowering women to celebrate achievements, find their stride, and experience the life-changing benefits of running.

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