612run – St. Gallen

It was Fall 2015 Joel and Kevin spent a wild night in a club in St Gallen, Switzerland with too many beers. That night dreams and visions became decisions they never regretted. As former football players and running lovers, they decided to prepare for races together more often. Since the idea of a traditional running club was alien to them, they decided to start their own thing, that should be a fusion of competition and fun.

Keeping it daringly simple; Run to explore and feel the city, train for asphalt and trails and connect to share the passion.

We are a group of friends who run together, race together and celebrate together. Even though we want to have a good time, it is always about running fast and pushing our limits. You got to earn that after-run beer! We are keeping it daringly simple; there will never be a run where we won’t sit together afterwards and have a drink or a coffee. If you are down with this; if you focus on running fast and having a good time, you are more than welcome to share your passion with us. It’s all about running, it’s all about the crew.

Today our crew stands for fast miles, big celebrations and nothing but good vibes. Even though having a good time was always a priority, it’s our intention to run fast and push limits. We’re born in St Gallen and raised in Zurich. These are the cities we run in.