033 Running Crew

033 Running Crew – A Great Community of Runners

033 Running Crew was founded in 2017 in Amersfoort, Netherlands, by the twins Niels and Olaf with a straightforward thought: running together is better than alone! The idea of starting the crew came from their experience as amateur runners. They noticed that running with a group was much more fun and motivating than running alone. The idea was to create a community of runners in Amersfoort who could run together and support each other to achieve their running goals.

Founding of the 033 Running Crew

In 2012, Niels and Olaf started running by participating in a 10km race in Amersfoort. Despite being beginners and running in old football shirts and shoes, they both finished with a time around 43″. This performance motivated them to take running more seriously. They set their sights on completing the 42.195km marathon distance in under three hours. They became more professional in their approach to the sport to accomplish this.

Sharing Knowledge and Spreading the Fun of Endurance Sports

As they continued to run, they discovered they were gaining more knowledge about the sport and everything surrounding it. They wanted to share their newfound knowledge and passion for endurance sports with others. Thus, they established the 033 Running Crew, a community of runners in Amersfoort that could support each other in their running goals.

Joining the 033 Running Crew

Initially, the crew consisted of only a few runners, but it soon grew into a large community known throughout Amersfoort for its fun and engaging atmosphere. The crew is welcoming to runners of all ages and abilities and provides support and encouragement to all. The crew meets thrice weekly for group runs that cover distances ranging from 5k to 21k. The runs are held in the evening, and the crew hosts social events such as BBQs after the runs.

The 033 Running Crew is known for its casual, engaging, fun, informative, and entertaining tone. The crew believes running should be fun and does everything they can to make their runs enjoyable and entertaining. They are inclusive in their approach to running and welcome all runners.

Running in Amersfoort

Amersfoort is a beautiful city in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands, with a rich history and a vibrant culture. The city is renowned for its beautiful architecture, museums, and parks. It is also known for its love of sports, with running being a popular activity. Running in Amersfoort is a unique experience due to the city’s network of beautiful parks and green spaces, perfect for running. The 033 Running Crew is one of the most popular running clubs in the city, organizing regular group runs that take runners through Amersfoort’s beautiful streets and parks.

In A Nutshell

033 Running Crew is a passionate community of runners in Amersfoort who support each other in achieving their running goals. The crew’s fun and engaging atmosphere have made them one of the most popular running clubs in the city, with regular group runs and social events. Running in Amersfoort is a unique experience, with beautiful parks and green spaces, and the 033 Running Crew is the perfect community to join if you’re a runner in the area looking to take your running to the next level.