About us

RUNNING CREWS is basically a website about running groups worldwide. The core feature is a methodical database of international running teams.

The primary objective of RUNNING CREWS is to provide a tool to introduce running crews and connect runners from all over the planet.

Runners will have the opportunity to find running crews almost anywhere in the world, that share the same enthusiasm and joy.

We want to promote the awesome experience of getting in touch with other cultures, meeting like-minded people from all walks of life and run their turf with them and making new friends.

RUNNING CREWS will serve as a hub for running teams and its cohorts.

RUNNING CREWS is about being a part of a transnational social phenomenon. The overarching elements are mutuality, acceptance and fun. Running unites.

Bottom line: It’s about YOU. It’s about running with RUNNING CREWS worldwide!

Sven, founding member of Run Pack Berlin. Fitness fanatic, crowdfunding geek and master of everything digital. “During the last years, I’ve made international acquaintances and friendships through running, which sparked the idea for RUNNING CREWS.”

Nacho, Bridgerunners, Achilles international and Run4Fun coach. Works in the art world in Chelsea. Originally from Spain, food lover, Knicks fan forever, Rock’n’Roll as only religion and our number one connexion in the big apple. “When Sven asked me to get in touch with all my homies in the NYC crews I thought, let’s do it.”

Erik, longtime Run Pack Berlin member.  Semantics fanatic, natural born slacker, 20th-century analogue boy. “Sven approached me with this idea of his and now we are tinkering together on RUNNING CREWS.”